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Wedding Budget Tip

Double your wedding favors as place card holders.  Check out our unique place card holders/favors at:

Kate Aspen's 2011 Wedding Favor Collection and Bridesmaid Gifts

Have you been wondering what type of products we offer or what you can do with them?  Take a look at out Youtbe video for a small taste of our collection.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Buyers Beware

We want to make sure that brides are getting the wedding dress of their dreams, not a cheap imitation. To avoid nuptial nightmares and make the most of your gown-shopping experience, we suggest brushing up on some buying basics. Do: Bargain Hunt Keep an eye out for sample sales. Browse websites for listings and ask salons in your area about getting on their mailing list. Already found the dress of your dreams? Don't rely on a deal on eBay to save you from paying the full price. You must be a wise and flexible shopper to find what you want for a price you like. Changing gown fabrics is a better way to save and the difference can be significant (sometimes $1,000 or more). Don't: Rule Out Online Shopping Online retailers like J.Crew and Ann Taylor make dress shopping a cinch. Gowns fit true to size, you can make quick returns or exchanges, and you can even have dresses delivered in under a week (though we still suggest getting the gown at least three months in adva

My Find of the Day!

Ladies, I found what may be the new revolution in nail polish.  Incoco claims to be the answer to the spills & smears of messy nail polish bottles.  These self-stick 100% nail polish strips are applied directly to the nails with ease and no mess.  It's a base coat, a color coat and a top coat nail polish all in one.  The company claims that the polish will last 14 days. So anyone who knows me, knows that I am thrifty and all about do-it-yourself and saving money - just check out the size of my coupon wallet.  So I decided to test the product out.  The lady at the kiosk grabbed my attention and this time I was swayed because I have heard of the product before but never seen it. She showed me how to apply the product and I was a little skeptical because I'm not very good with D-I-Y.  You would know if you've seen me wearing my self-applied eyelashes. lol.  All you do is find the "sticker" that fits your nail size, remove the film cover and the backing, and

Happy New Year - From  would like to wish all of our clients a Happy New Year!  We hope your had a great 2010.  2011 starts a fresh new year, let's work together to make this a fun, stylish, party-filled year EVER!  Start your year off by ordering your themed event party favors at . Janice Mayo Founder and CEO