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Overwhelmed - Doesn't even describe it

Yesterday we were the feature for KGB Deals.  It's a daily deal site that offers 50% or more discounts from area companies.  Overwhelmed cannot even describe how I am feeling right now.  We were flooded with phone calls and emails with inquiries.  I had to hire more help!  I do have some mixed feeling about these daily deals sites.  I will definetly have to do a lessons learned for anyone who considers featuring there business - standby. Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me.  I went thru most of the emails and some of the voice messages yesterday.  Right now, the best way to contact me is thru the Chat link located on the homepage.  I'm still working at putting through all of the orders and I know that there will be a lot more to come! Anyone interested in purchasing the deal, it is still active for the next 6 days, can do so here: on KGB Deals  or you can directly visit our website at

Design and Win With Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body W orks is running a promotion to design your own pocket bacteria label.  Create a winning label and receive a $500 shopping spree and your design will appear in stores.  You choose the scent, flavor, colors, label, graphics, etc.  Start designing today! Janice

Did You Wear Green?

I picked out my outfit for today, last night.  A cute little DKNY brown colored Winter dress.  When I woke up this morning at 4:25 a.m. I turned on Fox 5 News as I always do.  That's when I was reminded that it was Saint Patrick's Day.  Then came the decision, should I change my outfit to add a touch of green or should I wear the dress that will be too hot to wear tomorrow because temperatures will hit 70 degrees?  I figured I would join in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day even though I am nowhere close to being Irish.  I broke out the hot iron and began pressing my green sweater. After getting dressed and while preparing to walk out of the door, I realized that none of the news anchors were wearing green.  Of all people, they represent the community!  Not even a green button - I guess they all forgot.  I figured I would continue on with the spirit and walked out with my touch of green.  Upon arriving at work it was immediately clear that I was the only one wearing green.

Towers of Flowers Show with Macy's

Spring is in bloom!  Macy's is holding their first annual Tower of Flowers annual flower show in 6 cities including Washinton, DC from March 27 - April 6.  In honor of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Macy's will kick off tin-store events beginning with Japanese music and treats on March 27th.  Each day they offer something new thru April 10th.  To find a city near you visit Macy's Flower Show . Check out our Spring and Garden favors at .

Daylight Saving 2011, Yippee!!!

Did you remember to turn your clocks back?  I've been counting down daylight saving for the last 10 years.  I love this time of year.  It's as if we come out from hibernation.  Having that extra daylight hours even make me more productive.  I even spent some extra time in the kitchen today and made a fruit salad. Anyway, while browsing the internet I cam across a great cake for St. Patrick's Day.  Check out the blog at  I Am Baker .  It is sure to please that sweet tooth that I definitely have.  Planning a St. Patrick's day party?  Check out our Party Favors at .

Wedding Traditions & Customs Part 2 - Wedding Veils

In Roman times brides were thought to be vulnerable to evil spirits veils were used to protect brides.  In Europe brides were bargained for and sold.  A veil would hide the brides face until the deal was complete so that the husband could not change his mind in case he was not satisfied. Veils have been in many colors often signify the subordination of the woman.  The lifting of the veil by the husband at the end of the ceremony symbolized male dominance.  The veil made its way to the United States and into the traditional wedding ceremony. Content brought to you from