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{Featured Product} Vintage Typewriter Holder & Card

In classic vintage style these miniature typewriters are a charming addition to wedding decor.  Spell out your message of love for all your guests to see! Create a display with the small typewriters.  Add names and table numbers to the top of each card with double sided tape. Design a sign that asks guest to take the small favor item to their table and write a few words of advice for the Bride and Groom on the back of the card. Add a container such as a vase to your centerpieces.  Attach a note that instructs guests to leave their wishes in the vase and to take the small typewriter home as a token of appreciation.

{Featured Product} Novelty Popcorn Cartons

Make it a movie night!  Create a popcorn station for your guests to enjoy.  These old-fashioned looking popcorn boxes are designed with little rows of hearts to send out that love vibe.  Add personalized stickers for an engagement party, stags/stagette or your wedding.

{Featured Product} Retro Diner Salt + Pepper Shakers...With a Twist

This classic shaped glass candy jar/salt and pepper shaker set comes complete with the holes in a heart shape.  It can be used in a multitude of ways for any party or event.  It just takes a little creativity: Fill with your favorite candy for your guests to enjoy Fill each individual shaker with herbs and spices.  {The jar shown here is filled with fennel seeds} For the cappuccino and latte enthusiast, fill with cocoa or cinnamon than can be used to garnish the top of the delicious foam. You can find this cute glass treat Here

{Featured Product} Snowflake Bottle Stopper

Whether it's a pre or post Christmas winter wedding, infuse a festive feel with cool wedding accessories.  Winter blues and whites can be combined with a pinch of color such as Berry for a little extra drama.   Top off your wine with this fabulous Snowflake Bottle Stopper .  Beautiful gift packaging finishes the stopper in style.