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My Microblading Experience: Will I do it again?

So I decided to try microblading on my eyebrows. As a side note, if you plan on having it done for your wedding or other event, I recommend getting the procedure done no less than 3 months before your event.  After scouring the internet and watching countless Youtube videos and checking out Instagram photos, I became obsessed with this new beauty craze.

For those of you who aren't familar with microblading, it is a type of permanent makeup for your eyebrows.  Your eyebrows are tattooed with permanent ink.  The ink is deposited under the skin, just like a regular tattoo.  Instead of a tattoo blade, microblading uses several needles formoing a blade to cut the skin.  The result is hairlike brush strokes cuts on the skin which are then filled with your choice of colored ink.  While this is a form of permanent make-up, just like any tattoo, touch ups are needed so it's not a one time permenent thing.

If you are like me, before I got the procedure, the main thing you probably want to know up front is the cost, did it hurt and will I do it again.  I'll get into that but first lets start with why I did it.

My eyebrows weren't necessarily sparse or thin. When I did take the time to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or powder, they looked really good.  But when I factored in my skill or the extra time it took to fill them in, it just wasn't happening.  I did not have the time in the mornings to get it done.  So I determined the cost to have them done is worth it.

As far as costs, I found that the cost differs drastically.  A lot of it depends on the facility you are going to and the experience of the technician.  I've found costs raniging from $400 to $800, so be prepared, this is an investment.  The lower end was at a nail shop and the highter cost was from a shop specializing in eyelashes, brows and permanent make-up.  Touch-ups will run you about $50.  My initial procedure included 1 follow-up and an additional eyebrow shaping. I did purchase an additional touch-up to fill in some missing strokes.

The initial session was approximately 2 hours.  Most of that time was spent shaping, tracing and filling in the hairs to ensure they are even and as thick or thin as I like.  Make sure you are happy with what you see before it becomes permanent.  The technician will talk with you about what results you are expecting.

The actual tattooing process was about 20 minutes.  Yes, it did hurt!  As she was cutting, I was asking myself, "why did I do this"?  My technician gave me a stress ball to squezze during the process.  Supposedly she numbed me with numbing cream but it sure didn't feel like it.  For the follow-ups she did not use numbing cream.  She stated that she can get better results on the skin without it.

It felt as if she was scraping my eyebrows with a metal brush.  I held my breath and beared down as my eyes watered.  After the cutting, she applied the ink and wiped.  She continued to fill in any blank areas and added brown ink.  Once done, I was able to have a look.

The healing took about 4 weeks.  During the first week I applied an ointment and experienced scabing and light flaking.  During the healing process your eyebrows will look extra dark but as they continue to heal it will fade.  After 4 weeks I went for my touch-up which was included in the original price.  They weren't even so I had her make some adjustments.  The arch was higher on one and the other was thinner.  She was able to fix both and again, with no numbing cream.

Another 4 weeks later I went for my complimentary shaping.  By then my brows had faded quite a bit so I scheduled a third session for an addiitonal fee.  I think this third session was definitely needed but I was a little disappointed that I had to pay more to get them perfect, on top of the original price.  However, my eyebrows are now perfect!

I now tweeze around the outline of the tattoo.  I no longer pay for eyebrow threading so there is a little cost savings.  I can easily maintain them myself.  Just like any tattoo, with time it does fade.  I ensure I wear sunblock everyday and take care to avoid them when applying face peels and brighteners.  Touch ups are needed evey year or so to keep them from completely fading.

So is it worth it? Yes!  Will I do it again? Absolutely!  When I compare my before and after photos I can't believe how light my eyebrows used to look.

I had my procedure done at Lash Moi in Crofton, MD by Julie.  Planning an event? Check out our personalized party favors and supplies online at Jubilee Favors.

Do you have a microblading experience to share or have any questions?  Fell free to comment below.


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