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Eyelash Extensions for Your Big Day

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your eyes with little make-up needed.  Extensions are one of the biggest trends and you don't have to have short stubby lashes to qualify.  They are a way for the average person to look glamorous fast.  Extensions add length, thickness and fullness to your natural eye.  They come in various lengths and colors from natural to outrageous and are made of human hair, synthetic material and even feathers.

Thinking of wearing eyelash extensions for your wedding?  Look into all of your options and try them out before hand.  Here are some of the pros and cons of lash strips and individual lashes.

Eyelash strips are a quick and easy way to extend the length of your lashes.  With a little practice these can be applied easily, at home, with little time.  They are inexpensive compared to individual lashes.  They are not designed for swimming and sleeping in.  All you need is a set of strip lashes and some eyelash glue.  Eyelash glue colors come in clear and black, my personal preference is the black.

Pros of strips:
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily done at home
  • Great for a night on the town
  • Easily removed with water
Cons of strips:
  • Usually only good for a few hours
  • Takes some practice to get it right on your own
  • Is applied to the base of your eyelid

Individual lashes is a great way to enhance your own lashes.  If applied correctly by an experienced cosmetologist they can look very natural and will last several weeks.  They should be glued to your own lashes individually without touching your eye lid. Your cosmetologist should work with you to choose the proper length.  I always opt for the short lashes for the natural look.  If you do opt for individual lashes, get them done a couple days before your big event.  Your eyes will tear up and you may have some puffiness and redness afterwards so you do need a couple days to adjust.  I also recommend trying them a couple months ahead of time so that you will know what you are in for (some are allergic to the glue).

Pros of individual lashes:
  • Can last up to six weeks if done correctly and you don't get them too wet (you can keep them on through your honeymoon)
  • They look more natural than eyelash strips
  • They look better than wearing mascara
  • More convenient because you won't have to apply them every day
  • Most establishments will allow you to return for an eyelash repair if you loose any within a few days.
Cons of individual lashes:
  • They cost more.  In the Washington, DC area, prices range from $25-$60. Premium lashes are about $300-$500 and even higher.
  • They take longer to apply and are best done by a professional
  • They are more difficult to apply and will leave your eyes a tad bit irritated for about an hour
  • More difficult to remove.  I often loose a few lashes when taking them off but they grow right back
There are many options available to you if you choose to use eyelash extensions for your wedding or any other event.  If you choose to use individual lashes, they will last you throughout your entire day and through the honeymoon.  I've gone to several different establishments in my area to find the best and most affordable options for my extensions.  You should shop around, ask around and do a test run for yourself.  I always get them done by the same person because she knows what she is doing.  My set costs me $35 and if I care for them properly (I don't get them wet and I don't rub my eyes), they last about 6 weeks.  If you have the money you can get the mink studded diamond lashes like Paris Hilton for about $10,000.

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